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At D & R we also specialise in Partitioning Systems. We have a wide range of systems in place from standard everyday to stylish, sound reducing, office/ board rooms/ executive areas.


Types of Partitioning Systems:


Scion partitioning systems comprise of a natural wood finish which is idea for executive/ boardroom areas. They are manufactured from solid timber and with its high quality and excellent finish, this type of partitioning is great for that stylish office look.


Ovation combines imaginative, flexible and stylish ideas which provides a great, comfortable working environment. They are built using upright posts and door frames with a choice of recessed or flush skirting. Furthermore thanks to our fast paced, hard working team we can guaranteed swift insulation.


Vitrage are visually simple. They are manufactured from toughened glass. Vitrage offer a simple design allowing all surrounding office/ warehouse areas to be seen from within the area created, but at the same time offering privacy from all other areas.


Vitrage (dB) is slightly different to Vitrage as it offers a better sound performance,  it takes on the same design using glass, allowing the worker so see out visually but offers that extra protection of privacy from the outside space.


Fire and sound areas are the most cost effective when in need of extra office or work space. Fire and sound areas can be relocated anywhere. They are constructed from steel, aluminum and plastic and put together with plasterboard panels. They offer a great design and extra safety.


Wallstore offer extra space integrated within the walls and partitions, in acquired spaces or as its surrounding perimeter. It offers that extra storage space, keeping that bulked area clean and organised. They can be taken down and relocated. They also use all the space a normal partitioning area would not offer for all your storage desires.


Operable Walls are exactly what they say they are. They can be designed in an area to close and open freely allowing that choice of extra space or privacy. These type of partitions can be used in all areas from Office Space to Schools, Function Rooms to even Sports and Leisure centers. Offering you the choice of space and area, or simply dividing an area.





















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