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Racking Inspections

racking nspections

Racking Inspections

Racking Inspections Racking Inspections Racking Inspections showing damaged racking Racking inspections by D&R Racking

At D&R Racking with our SEMA Trained Inspectors we provide a preventative maintenance service, we are on hand to carry out your annual racking inspections and working alongside you hope to ensure that your storage system works to its full potential.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

‘All adjustable pallet racking falls under the category of work equipment, which must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis’

D&R Racking Inspections 

To Comply with Health and Safety guidelines it is required that regular in house inspections be carried out and that a full annual inspection be conducted by a ‘technically component’ person.  The benefits of carrying out regular inspections, are not only to comply with HSE legislation but also to reduce the risk of racking related incidents promoting good health and safety within the workplace. During an inspection our personnel will complete a Damage Report Sheet, they will then go on to produce a Full Rack Inspection Report which will categorise any damage by risk.

  racking inspections D&R D&R Racking Inspections Defect identified during Racking Inspections SEMA trained Racking Inspections

D&R Racking’s experience and knowledge of storage systems is second to none. We’ve installed small and simple systems for SME clients and racked out entire warehouse systems for larger clients.

We are happy to deal with all inquiries, no matter how big or small. Our own warehouse is stocked with a vast amount and large array of  racking, components, labeling and all other related products to supply you with what you need. D&R Racking are also able to check your existing system and install all new equipment. We only use SIERS and SEMA trained installation engineers on all jobs!

D&R Racking can also inspect your current racking system and provide you with the required Health & Safety certification required by law. When it comes to racking and shelving we are best placed to advise and supply you, our experience is second to none. We also buy racking, are you changing your current system? How about a part exchange on some of your existing systems? We can help you with the entire project and get you the storage systems you need with the least fuss.

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