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Warehouse and Industrial Pallet Racking Systems

A warehouse pallet racking system is a storage solution designed to store materials and goods on pallets in multi-levelled horizontal rows. It enables warehouses to maximise their storage space by stacking pallets vertically and organising them for easy access and inventory management. Warehouse pallet racking systems are typically made from steel and come in various configurations to accommodate different sizes and weights of palletised goods, enhancing the efficiency of warehouse operations by optimising floor space and simplifying the loading and unloading process.

Pallet racking systems are a great storage solution for various industries, including tyre racking for the automotive world, carpet racking for furnishing companies and parts racking for many others.

Also, thanks to our superb supply chain and wide range of pallet racking systems in stock, at D&R Racking, we can supply and construct your storage solution within two to six weeks. Under half the time of our nearest competitor.

Used Pallet Racking

High-quality, used pallet racking, at a fraction of the cost – optimise your warehouse storage affordably.

Types of pallet racks

Not all companies are the same and neither are all racking systems. There are various types of storage solutions available to cater to specific premises and unique needs. At D and R Racking we carry a large variety of brands such as Dexion P90 and Speedlock, Link 51 XL, Planned storage,  Sperrin, Apex Linvar, Redirack, Finspa, Hilo Rack Plan and Premier Rack, AR Sistemas, Stow, Mecalux, Bito and many more.

Double deep racking

Double deep racking offers more pallet storage space than single-entry shelving, whilst still allowing access to 50% of stored goods at any time. In fact, this storage solution can provide up to 40% more space for additional pallets.

Wide aisle racking

Adjustable pallet racking is a versatile choice for many industries as the systems can be customised to accommodate various pallet sizes and loads, which is particularly useful for businesses with diverse or changing storage needs.

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking systems offer benefits and features suitable for storing long and heavy items. With adjustable pallet racking uprights and support arms, they can be customised to fit storage needs and accommodate various load sizes.

Adjustable pallet racking

Adjustable pallet racking is a versatile choice for many industries as the systems can be customised to accommodate various pallet sizes and loads, which is particularly useful for businesses with diverse or changing storage needs.

New pallet racking

The benefit of implementing a completely new pallet racking systems is that they can be tailored to your specific needs and unique space, offering optimum function and performance within your business environment.

Pallet racking systems for warehouses

Warehouse pallet racking systems can optimise the vertical space for storage and accessibility, without claiming floor space from other operations. They can also be adapted to industry needs.

Carpet racking

Carpet racking systems are designed specifically to hold bulky and heavy rolls of carpet, whilst allowing easy access to every design from both ends. They don’t require specialist handling equipment and standard forklifts are sufficient.

Used pallet racking

If your area and storage needs are quite standard, as many companies’ are, then a used pallet racking is a cost-effective alternative to having a new system in place, that offers all the benefits at a much-reduced price.

Why choose D&R racking for your pallet racking system?


Internal storage

All our vast range of pallet racking systems are stored inside, which protects them from the elements and in perfect condition for installation and operation. By keeping them sheltered, we protect them from any rusting that could weaken or compromise the structure, offering you the peace of mind that your system is safe.


In-house installation team

All our installations are done by our in-house team of specialists who share the same principles of customer service as the rest of our company. You can be assured your pallet racking system will be installed with professional care and attention by a team more than willing to answer any questions along the way.


Incredible lead times

The industry standard time for a pallet racking installation is between 10-30 weeks. Thanks to our efficient supply chain, wide available stock and expert team, our lead times are between two and six weeks. That’s right, two and six weeks. Impressive, isn’t it? 

Pallet racks for sale

At D&R Racking, we have a fantastic range of new pallet racking available to be customised to your company’s individual needs as well as various used pallet racks for sale. Our great range is one of the reasons our customers come from numerous industries and come back time and time again as their needs change. Get in touch with our expert team to discover the ideal storage solution for your business.

Best practices for warehouse and industrial pallet racking

Proper regulations are vital when installing pallet racking systems and must be adhered to for many reasons. These regulations are in place to ensure the health and safety of all on-site personnel whilst reducing the liability of the warehouse owner, should the system fail, or accidents occur. Working with experts will ensure all compliance is met and your system will work as efficiently as you need it to.

Inspections & reports 

The value of inspections and reports when installing and operating a pallet racking system is paramount due to the following reasons: 


Safety assurance

Regular inspections help identify and rectify potential safety hazards, ensuring the well-being of staff and the protection of stored goods.


Regulatory compliance

Inspections ensure compliance with regulations such as OSHA standards, helping to avoid fines and legal issues.


System integrity

Reports provide a record of the racking system’s condition over time, which is essential for maintenance and understanding the system’s lifespan.


Operational Continuity

Identifying issues early through regular inspection can prevent system failures that could disrupt warehouse operations.


Financial Savings

Proactive maintenance can reduce the need for costly emergency repairs or replacements can extend the life of the racking system.  

Safety measures for pallet racking systems

Pallet racking systems incorporate various safety features to ensure the wellbeing of employees and the security of stored items. Correct labelling is crucial to display and provide clear information on maximum capacity and correct operating instructions to prevent overloading.

There are also additional safety accessories available for pallet racking systems including post protectors, column guards, wire mesh back guarding and rub rails.

Explore All Our Pallet Racking Options

If your business or warehouse can benefit from an efficient storage system that will improve organisation and increase productivity, then get in touch with our expert team and discover your ideal pallet racking solution.

High-quality pallet racking for sale: what customers are saying

Ian Mahon
Ian Mahon
Great service. Easy to deal with. No issues.
martin taundry
martin taundry
D&R racking recently installed a Mezzanine floor and some racking on one of our projects and we found from the initial enquiry to the finish install that they were extremely helpful and professional, and we wouldn't use anybody else. We definitely recommend these guys
Catalin Tudorache
Catalin Tudorache
Very happy about this place.I received my items in 20 minutes and Dave answered all my questions. First time when i use D&R Racking but definitely not the last
Andy Dallas
Andy Dallas
Bloody good job, Racking fit perfectly,guys in the office were very helpful and informative, and the lads fitting it were helpful & accommodating to our business needs to help us continue to trade whilst they built it. This is the 4th time we have used DnR Racking and there is no doubt we would recommend to others and continue to use them in the future
Phil Jones
Phil Jones
The lads recently fitted racking and a Mezzanine floor here at Midland Escalators LTD. A professional, hard working outfit and a lovely bunch of lads as well. We would highly recommend D&R racking LTD and we would definitely use them again when the need arises.
Eamonn Jones
Eamonn Jones
Used D&R to relocate some pallet racking and dismantle an unused section of racking. The guys who came to do the work were very professional, got straight on with the work and cleaned up after themselves. Very good service.
H & Jodies
H & Jodies
We had an amazing experience with D & R Racking when purchasing second-hand racking from them. The quality of the racking was as good as new, and their service, delivery, and installation were fantastic. We would like to extend a big thank you to Jim, who organized the whole project. His professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience. The team at D & R Racking demonstrated exceptional quality, service, and overall customer satisfaction. We highly recommend them for all your storage needs.
Gareth Little
Gareth Little
We have used D&R Racking many times for all of the racking requirements at our Roofing Merchants in Brierley Hill. They are very easy to deal with, quick in responding and priced competitively. Great service all round!
Abolfazl Bayat
Abolfazl Bayat
فروشگاه حدادیان

Have more questions about pallet racking systems?

What are the different types of pallet racking systems available, and how do I choose the right one for my warehouse?

There are various pallet racking systems available, including adjustable pallet racking, wide aisle systems, cantilever racking, carpet racking, tyre racking and more. The best way to ensure you choose the ideal system for your warehouse is to get in touch with our team at D&R Racking and we will help you find the perfect storage solution.

What are the benefits of installing pallet racking in my warehouse or storage facility?

The benefits of installing warehouse pallet racking include efficient use of space, bulk storage allowance, faster order fulfilment, improved productivity and long-term financial savings.

What safety measures should be taken into consideration when installing pallet racking systems?

When installing warehouse or industrial pallet racking, several safety measures should be considered, including proper maximum load labelling, correct loading and unloading instructions, additional safety features such as column guards and post protectors and regular inspections to ensure safety and identify any potential hazards.  

How much weight can pallet racking systems typically hold?

The weight capacity of a pallet racking system can vary significantly depending on design, materials, configuration and intended purpose. It is important to ensure your system is capable of functioning safely and efficiently for your specific needs.

What is the difference between new and used pallet racking, and which one should I choose?

The difference between new pallet racking and used, is simply that. New systems can be made bespoke to your warehouse’s unique shape or specific needs but will typically come at a higher price, whereas used pallet racks for sale can often be easily adjusted to fit most standard warehouse spaces. At D&R Racking, we supply both new and used systems to make inventory management improvement accessible to everyone.

What is the typical process for pallet racking installation, and how long does it take?

The typical process starts with a professional site survey to ascertain the best design and function for your business, followed by creation and installation. This process can take anywhere between 10 and 30 weeks with most companies, but thanks to our huge range in stock and our efficient supply chain, at D&R Racking, we can complete the whole process as quickly as two to six weeks.