Premium new and used pallet racking solutions in Birmingham

Here at D&R Racking, we are your premium go-to solution for all things new and used pallet racking in Birmingham. With 40 years of experience in the racking and shelving industry, we pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and the highest standards of service. Our qualified and experienced engineers provide the highest level of customer service to every customer.

Used Pallet Racking

Used pallet racking solutions in Birmingham

We can design the best storage solution to fit your area precisely and optimise your operation. Additionally, our superior used pallet racking systems for Birmingham businesses are the economical and environmentally responsible option when it comes to your operating budget.

Unparalleled Durability 

Made from heavy-duty materials, all our used pallet racking solutions are long-lasting to maintain their capacity over time.

Cost-effective Storage Solutions

Less costly than new, used pallet racking is a more cost-effective choice and due to their adjustability, it makes an ideal system for a range of premises.


Less costly than new, used pallet racking is a more cost-effective choice and due to their adjustability, it makes an ideal system for a range of premises.


Pallet racking systems are incredibly easy to assemble, and, in some instances, they can come pre-assembled to save time.

Warehouse pallet racking solutions in Birmingham


Materials and products are stored on pallets in multi-levelled horizontal rows using a warehouse pallet racking system. Pallet racking systems are an excellent way to store goods for a variety of businesses in Birmingham. They work particularly well in warehouses as they optimise floor space and improve operations, making loading and unloading easier.

Why choose us for your pallet racking project in Birmingham?

With decades of industry experience, choosing D&R Racking for your pallet racking solutions in Birmingham has never been easier. With options for both new and used pallet racking solutions, we take into consideration our customers and their needs.

✔ 40 years of industry experience

✔  Based in Birmingham, so we know the area

✔  Providing maintenance and reports to keep you adhering to guidelines and codes

✔  Cost-effective options, whatever your budget

Racking Inspections: What Customers Are Saying

Ian Mahon
Ian Mahon
Great service. Easy to deal with. No issues.
martin taundry
martin taundry
D&R racking recently installed a Mezzanine floor and some racking on one of our projects and we found from the initial enquiry to the finish install that they were extremely helpful and professional, and we wouldn't use anybody else. We definitely recommend these guys
Catalin Tudorache
Catalin Tudorache
Very happy about this place.I received my items in 20 minutes and Dave answered all my questions. First time when i use D&R Racking but definitely not the last
Andy Dallas
Andy Dallas
Bloody good job, Racking fit perfectly,guys in the office were very helpful and informative, and the lads fitting it were helpful & accommodating to our business needs to help us continue to trade whilst they built it. This is the 4th time we have used DnR Racking and there is no doubt we would recommend to others and continue to use them in the future
Phil Jones
Phil Jones
The lads recently fitted racking and a Mezzanine floor here at Midland Escalators LTD. A professional, hard working outfit and a lovely bunch of lads as well. We would highly recommend D&R racking LTD and we would definitely use them again when the need arises.
Eamonn Jones
Eamonn Jones
Used D&R to relocate some pallet racking and dismantle an unused section of racking. The guys who came to do the work were very professional, got straight on with the work and cleaned up after themselves. Very good service.
H & Jodies
H & Jodies
We had an amazing experience with D & R Racking when purchasing second-hand racking from them. The quality of the racking was as good as new, and their service, delivery, and installation were fantastic. We would like to extend a big thank you to Jim, who organized the whole project. His professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience. The team at D & R Racking demonstrated exceptional quality, service, and overall customer satisfaction. We highly recommend them for all your storage needs.
Gareth Little
Gareth Little
We have used D&R Racking many times for all of the racking requirements at our Roofing Merchants in Brierley Hill. They are very easy to deal with, quick in responding and priced competitively. Great service all round!
Abolfazl Bayat
Abolfazl Bayat
فروشگاه حدادیان

Have more questions about our pallet racking solutions in Birmingham?

What types of pallet racking do you offer in Birmingham?

Here at D&R Racking, we offer a variety of different pallet racking systems for Birmingham that include:

  • Double deep racking
  • Wide aisle racking
  • Cantilever racking
  • Adjustable pallet racking
  • New pallet racking
  • Pallet racking systems for warehouses
  • Carpet racking
  • Used pallet racking

Are your pallet racking systems new or used?

We have a brilliant selection of both new and used pallet racking solutions for Birmingham businesses. Whatever your needs and budget, we have both new and used pallet racking options for your organisation.

What are the benefits of using pallet racking in a warehouse?

By installing a pallet racking system in a warehouse, it allows for the storage of products vertically which promotes easy accessibility, whilst also freeing up floor space and optimising the loading and unloading system, creating an efficient working environment.

Do you provide customised racking solutions for specific warehouse requirements?

We can provide your organisation in Birmingham with custom-built pallet racking systems. Whatever your warehouse requirements, D&R Racking can supply you with a racking system, no matter how big or small.

What safety measures are in place for your pallet racking systems?

We have a wide range of safety measures in place for all our pallet racking systems available in Birmingham. Regular inspections are completed to identify and rectify potential safety hazards. Compliance with regulations such as OSHA standards. Keeping a record of the racking system’s condition over time and the use of proactive management to reduce costly emergency repairs or replacements, to extend the lifespan of the racking system.

Pallet racking systems are equipped with a range of safety features that guarantee both the protection of stored goods and the well-being of workers. To prevent overloading, proper labelling is essential for displaying and providing clear information on maximum capacity as well as accurate operating instructions. Pallet racking systems can also be equipped with extra safety accessories including rub rails, post protectors, column guards, and wire mesh back guarding.

How can I determine the right pallet racking system for my warehouse in Birmingham?

Determining the right pallet racking system for your warehouse will depend on your organisation’s specific needs. There are a variety of different types of pallet racking systems available, all of which, provide different types of storage solutions. A few things to take into account when trying to determine the right racking system are:

The products being stored

Your warehouse layout

Pallet weight and dimensions


Accessibility and safety

Do you offer installation services in Birmingham?

Yes, we can supply installation services from our expert team across the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and many other areas.

What is the typical lead time for pallet racking installation in Birmingham?

Our current wait times are only two to six weeks, which we attribute to our expert team, vast stock availability, and efficient supply network. 

How to get started with pallet racking systems

In the modern competitive business world, an ineffective inventory management system in your warehouse can hinder your operations and damage your reputation. Installing the correct pallet racking system, optimised for your unique company needs, can be a real game changer and you don’t need to trawl through a minefield of information to discover the efficient solution for you. The ideal pallet racking solution for your company comes down to a few important criterions. Firstly, it is important to consider your storage needs and the dimensions and weight of the goods you wish to store. Then it is paramount to survey your available area to ascertain how a pallet system can snugly fit whilst providing adequate access whenever required. Finally, you must calculate your budget for the system as the intention is to streamline your operations without damaging other areas of your business.

If this sounds a little overwhelming don’t worry, at D&R Racking, we have the experience and expertise to complete this for you. Get in touch with our helpful team to explore your options with a specialist who will direct you to the perfect pallet racking system for you.