Warehouse Racking Repairs

At D&R Racking we specialise in warehouse racking repairs and solutions to keep your warehouse running efficiently. Get the most out of your pallet racking for years to come and invest in safety and longevity.  

Used Pallet Racking

Professional Racking Repair Service

Don’t take the risk of injury lightly, racking repairs and maintenance not only help maximise your storage solutions but are paramount to the safety of your staff. Utilise our 50 years of experience and discover how to keep your warehouse secure.  

Maximised Floor Space

Improved Organisation

Quicker Order Fulfilment

Increased Productivity

Safety Measures and Compliance in Warehouses


Although racking is designed to withstand heavy loads and frequent use, issues can still occur. Regular inspections help mitigate this and keep your inventory and staff safe. It is legally required that your racking is inspected on a regular basis.  

Our racking inspections are done by experienced inspectors, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a comprehensive assessment of your warehouse racking. This is conducted in an orderly fashion through a racking inspection checklist that categorises damage by risk level and addresses any other potential hazards that could be affecting your racking solutions.  

 Our trained, HSE-recognised staff complete all racking inspection services, and should we assess any faults or hazards we offer repairs to keep your warehouse compliant and prevent downtime.  


Benefits of Racking Repairs

There are many advantages to choosing our racking repairs and maintenance services. Prioritising the safety of your staff is the primary benefit. The risks of accidents from damaged structures are also greatly reduced. Other benefits include: 

✔ Meeting all regulatory compliance 

No downtime from damaged racking 

A fully operational warehouse is conducive to productivity 

Financial savings from preventing the need for emergency repairs 

warehouse racking repairs

Common Causes of Damage to Warehouse Racking Systems

Damaged warehouse racking happens from a variety of different sources; daily wear and tear, exceeding weight capacity, forklift collisions, etc. But the most common reason for damage is lack of maintenance. Maintenance is the best form of preventative care and protection for any racking solutions.  

Experts in Racking Repairs: What Customers Are Saying?

Ian Mahon
Ian Mahon
Great service. Easy to deal with. No issues.
martin taundry
martin taundry
D&R racking recently installed a Mezzanine floor and some racking on one of our projects and we found from the initial enquiry to the finish install that they were extremely helpful and professional, and we wouldn't use anybody else. We definitely recommend these guys
Catalin Tudorache
Catalin Tudorache
Very happy about this place.I received my items in 20 minutes and Dave answered all my questions. First time when i use D&R Racking but definitely not the last
Andy Dallas
Andy Dallas
Bloody good job, Racking fit perfectly,guys in the office were very helpful and informative, and the lads fitting it were helpful & accommodating to our business needs to help us continue to trade whilst they built it. This is the 4th time we have used DnR Racking and there is no doubt we would recommend to others and continue to use them in the future
Phil Jones
Phil Jones
The lads recently fitted racking and a Mezzanine floor here at Midland Escalators LTD. A professional, hard working outfit and a lovely bunch of lads as well. We would highly recommend D&R racking LTD and we would definitely use them again when the need arises.
Eamonn Jones
Eamonn Jones
Used D&R to relocate some pallet racking and dismantle an unused section of racking. The guys who came to do the work were very professional, got straight on with the work and cleaned up after themselves. Very good service.
H & Jodies
H & Jodies
We had an amazing experience with D & R Racking when purchasing second-hand racking from them. The quality of the racking was as good as new, and their service, delivery, and installation were fantastic. We would like to extend a big thank you to Jim, who organized the whole project. His professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience. The team at D & R Racking demonstrated exceptional quality, service, and overall customer satisfaction. We highly recommend them for all your storage needs.
Gareth Little
Gareth Little
We have used D&R Racking many times for all of the racking requirements at our Roofing Merchants in Brierley Hill. They are very easy to deal with, quick in responding and priced competitively. Great service all round!
Abolfazl Bayat
Abolfazl Bayat
فروشگاه حدادیان

Warehouse Racking Repairs - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you repair pallet racking?

Depending on the damage, the repair method may vary. Inspection, maintenance or pallet rack repair goes a long way in preserving your racking solutions.  

What is the life expectancy of a pallet rack?

While there’s no exact period, a well designed pallet racking system that undergoes regular inspection and maintenance can last for a very long time. That’s why design, installation and repairs are crucial for any warehouse storage. 

Can pallet racking be welded?

Any pallet racking repairs need to be conducted by certified professionals. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before considering pallet rack repairs and ensure they comply with all safety standards.

When should I replace my pallet racking?

The decision to replace pallet racking involves assessing the safety and efficiency of your current system. If it’s undergone significant damage, exposure to corrosion or repeated repairs then schedule a racking inspection and our team will supply a Full Rack Inspection Report to help you assess what needs to be done.

In which locations do you operate?

We operate from two large warehouses and provide our supply, installation and repair services all over Birmingham, Coventry and the surrounding locations.

What are the costs associated with warehouse racking repairs?

Warehouse racking repair costs will vary depending on what needs to be fixed. You can have peace of mind knowing that any repairs will be completed by an experienced team committed to excellence and safety.

Which risks are associated with damaged warehouse racking?

Risks associated with damaged warehouse racking range from the safety of your staff to potentially prolonged downtime from racking systems being compromised. Annual racking inspections are your legal responsibility and when done by our HSE-recognised team you can have peace of mind knowing your warehouse will be compliant and operating efficiently.

Do you offer used pallet racking solutions?

Businesses with more standard and basic needs can benefit from our used pallet racking to improve organisation while providing functional storage.

Explore All Our Pallet Racking Options

If your business or warehouse can benefit from an efficient storage system that will improve organisation and increase productivity, then get in touch with our expert team and discover your ideal pallet racking solution.