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Timber Decking – Can be fitted to the cross beams to provide extra support and space/ prevents anything falling through the cross beams.

Safety Mesh – Can be fitted to the back of racks to prevent goods/personnel being damaged/injured by falling/being pushed from the racks.

Racking Signs / Load Labels – Clearly display warnings, cautions, racking systems load capacity information, encouraging you to adhere to Health and Safety legislation.

Column Guards – Located in front of and around vulnerable end frame leg posts to protect against damage caused by forklift truck collisions.

Floor Bolts  – Fix frames into ground ensuring extra support.

Beam Clips – Ensures beams are locked in place safely.

Footplates – These are essential for stability; allows the racking to be bolted to the floor, leading to extra support and safety.

Row Spacers – Used to maintain a safe and regular distance between parallel runs of racking.

Bolted Joining Unit – Connects the frames vertically and ensures strength is fully maintained at the joints. Gives extra support and safety.

Wall Tie – Allows frames to be fixed in place to a wall for increased stability and maintains a safety clearance between the racking and the wall.

Pallet Foot Support – Used in pairs across the beams, to support box or caged pallets which have corner posts, skids or feet.

Drum Chock – Located on the front beam and cradles one end of a barrel or drum, this prevents lateral rolling of such items, preventing an accident or injury.

Coil Cradle – Angles extend across the beams to provide support/cradle for drums or coils to prevent movement leading to an accident.

Fork Spacer – Used in pairs to provide fork entry spaces. Provides support for and gives access to non-palletised loads.

Rack End Protector – Provides extra protection to the end of racking.

Guiderails – Allows safe and accurate guidance for trucks operating within racking particularly in drive-in or narrow aisles application.

Sprinkler Systems – Can be fitted throughout the racking structure for fire protection.

Sacrificial Legs – An easy to replace section in the front leg post of an end frame. In the event of damage it can be replaced swiftly and straight forwardly at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole frame.

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