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Timber Decking – Can be fitted to the cross beams to provide extra support and space/ prevents anything falling through the cross beams.

Safety Mesh – Can be fitted to the back of racks to prevent goods/personnel being damaged/injured by falling/being pushed from the racks.

Racking Signs / Load Labels – Clearly display warnings, cautions, racking systems load capacity information, encouraging you to adhere to Health and Safety legislation.

Column Guards – Located in front of and around vulnerable end frame leg posts to protect against damage caused by forklift truck collisions.

Floor Bolts  – Fix frames into ground ensuring extra support.

Beam Clips – Ensures beams are locked in place safely.

Footplates – These are essential for stability; allows the racking to be bolted to the floor, leading to extra support and safety.

Row Spacers – Used to maintain a safe and regular distance between parallel runs of racking.

Bolted Joining Unit – Connects the frames vertically and ensures strength is fully maintained at the joints. Gives extra support and safety.

Wall Tie – Allows frames to be fixed in place to a wall for increased stability and maintains a safety clearance between the racking and the wall.

Pallet Foot Support – Used in pairs across the beams, to support box or caged pallets which have corner posts, skids or feet.

Drum Chock – Located on the front beam and cradles one end of a barrel or drum, this prevents lateral rolling of such items, preventing an accident or injury.

Coil Cradle – Angles extend across the beams to provide support/cradle for drums or coils to prevent movement leading to an accident.

Fork Spacer – Used in pairs to provide fork entry spaces. Provides support for and gives access to non-palletised loads.

Rack End Protector – Provides extra protection to the end of racking.

Guiderails – Allows safe and accurate guidance for trucks operating within racking particularly in drive-in or narrow aisles application.

Sprinkler Systems – Can be fitted throughout the racking structure for fire protection.

Sacrificial Legs – An easy to replace section in the front leg post of an end frame. In the event of damage it can be replaced swiftly and straight forwardly at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole frame.

How to get started with pallet racking systems

In the modern competitive business world, an ineffective inventory management system in your warehouse can hinder your operations and damage your reputation. Installing the correct pallet racking system, optimised for your unique company needs, can be a real game changer and you don’t need to trawl through a minefield of information to discover the efficient solution for you. The ideal pallet racking solution for your company comes down to a few important criterions. Firstly, it is important to consider your storage needs and the dimensions and weight of the goods you wish to store. Then it is paramount to survey your available area to ascertain how a pallet system can snugly fit whilst providing adequate access whenever required. Finally, you must calculate your budget for the system as the intention is to streamline your operations without damaging other areas of your business.

If this sounds a little overwhelming don’t worry, at D&R Racking, we have the experience and expertise to complete this for you. Get in touch with our helpful team to explore your options with a specialist who will direct you to the perfect pallet racking system for you.