Longspan Shelving

A versatile and adjustable product enabling high density storage. Longspan Shelving has a wide variety of uses, ideally suited to hand stackable product, it offers ease of access.

This product is simple to assemble and comes in a many different heights and widths.

Longspan can be used for a wide variety of storage including Tyre Racking, bottle storage, canned foods, dry goods, clothing and more. Longspan shelving is ideal for small to medium sized products. Most parts are simple to replace and the system is easy to scale up or down when needed.

How to get started with pallet racking systems

In the modern competitive business world, an ineffective inventory management system in your warehouse can hinder your operations and damage your reputation. Installing the correct pallet racking system, optimised for your unique company needs, can be a real game changer and you don’t need to trawl through a minefield of information to discover the efficient solution for you. The ideal pallet racking solution for your company comes down to a few important criterions. Firstly, it is important to consider your storage needs and the dimensions and weight of the goods you wish to store. Then it is paramount to survey your available area to ascertain how a pallet system can snugly fit whilst providing adequate access whenever required. Finally, you must calculate your budget for the system as the intention is to streamline your operations without damaging other areas of your business.

If this sounds a little overwhelming don’t worry, at D&R Racking, we have the experience and expertise to complete this for you. Get in touch with our helpful team to explore your options with a specialist who will direct you to the perfect pallet racking system for you.