Mezzanine Floors

Here at D & R Racking we offer you the complete package; from design, manufacture, installation, planning application, specification for building regulations to fire protection.


Mezzanine Floors offer the most cost effective and quick solution to your storage problems and D&R Racking can give you quality at affordable prices. A Mezzanine floor gains you extra space without the potential cost and bother involved in relocating. We will ensure that your floor is designed to specification and installed on time and on budget.

Whether it’s a new or used Mezzanine, we can fulfill your requirements. Please call our sales team today on 0121 773 2121

Fire Cladding


Suspending Ceilings

An exposed white metal lay in ceiling grid supporting a drop in mineral fibre board tile. These are normally fire rated to underside of mezzanine.


Column Cases

Used to fire rate the columns of the mezzanine a one hour column case is constructed of 20mm Promalit or equivalent. Supplied in galvanised, white polyester or PVC, powder coated to match décor.



One hour fire rated fascia constructed from ‘Glasroc’ multi-board. Fitted to all exposed edges of the mezzanine.

Steel Partitioning



Used to provide offices within production or factory areas. Can be fire rated and built incorporating windows.



Invariably used to create a secure area for valuable stock.

D&R Racking our experience and knowledge of storage systems is second to none. We’ve installed small and simple systems for SME clients and racked out entire warehouse systems for larger clients.

We are happy to deal with all inquiries, no matter how big or small. Our own warehouse is stocked with a vast amount and large array of  racking, components, labeling and all other related products to supply you with what you need. D&R Racking are also able to check your existing system and install all new equipment.

We only use SEIRS trained installation engineers on all jobs!

D&R Racking can also inspect your current racking system and provide you with the required Health & Safety certification required by law. When it comes to racking and shelving we are best placed to advise and supply you, our experience is second to none. We also buy racking, are you changing your current system? How about a part exchange on some of your existing systems? We can help you with the entire project and get you the storage systems you need with the least fuss.

How to get started with pallet racking systems

In the modern competitive business world, an ineffective inventory management system in your warehouse can hinder your operations and damage your reputation. Installing the correct pallet racking system, optimised for your unique company needs, can be a real game changer and you don’t need to trawl through a minefield of information to discover the efficient solution for you. The ideal pallet racking solution for your company comes down to a few important criterions. Firstly, it is important to consider your storage needs and the dimensions and weight of the goods you wish to store. Then it is paramount to survey your available area to ascertain how a pallet system can snugly fit whilst providing adequate access whenever required. Finally, you must calculate your budget for the system as the intention is to streamline your operations without damaging other areas of your business.

If this sounds a little overwhelming don’t worry, at D&R Racking, we have the experience and expertise to complete this for you. Get in touch with our helpful team to explore your options with a specialist who will direct you to the perfect pallet racking system for you.